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Saturday, January 7

Daddy Yashiro's Review of Mamypoko Product

One of the happiest moments of Dads are when Mommies bring forth to the world the most precious gift from God, the babies. Yes they are one of the wonderful gifts that Dads are to do anything even crazy stuff. And of course just like the famous line in Spider-Man "Great power comes with great responsibility" and to rephrase that line "With cuddly cute babies comes with great responsibilities". One of which is changing their diapers.

The dreaded and menacing chore of changing babies diapers. Without practice and without experience this can be a little bit messy and dirty. I remember my first changing our kid's diaper, it was like the first you kiss a girl. You don't know what to do and you don't have any idea or manual to follow in changing diapers, most especially those with straps only.

Sunday, December 25

Merry Christmas To All from My Family

It's great to know that the reason for the season is CHRIST and the reason why we celebrated CHRISTMAS is His love for all of us. So, for all the followers, readers and fan of DADDY YASHIRO'S JOURNAL we would like to thank you and greet you a wonderful, happy and enjoying CHRISTMAS!

There are plenty of trials in life and CHRIST is our shield, shelter, and strength in facing it. More CHRISTMAS to all of us!

Saturday, December 3

Mamypoko Entice Moms and Dads With Their FlyToJapan Promo

Hi Mommies and Daddies, Daddy Yashiro is here to share what Lazada and Mamypoko have for you. Yup, they got some interesting prize for moms and dads who would avail Mamypoko products through Lazada. And take note that Lazada got their Online Revolution sale promo so be part of it to get great discounts.

Thursday, November 10

Daddy Day Care : NIckelodoen's Takotown Fright Express

We may not be very much fond of Halloween but because we get invites from friends and PR friends, well we might as well be part of the experience and celebration. Childhood comes in different forms and venues, and for this particular kid experience of our two boys they get to see what trick or treating is all about and why there's a so-called Halloween.

Saturday, November 5

Cartoon Network's Watch and Play App Enhanced to Allow Globe Telecom Customers To Enjoy Cartoons Anytime and Anywhere

Yes, Cartoon Network with its Watch and Play App makes children much closer by enhancing the app and allowing one of the country's telecom company users enjoy live streaming of cartoons. Take note it becomes anytime and anywhere, of course as long as you have batteries on your phone you're good to go and watch your favorite shows err your kids.

Turner, the company behind the Cartoon Network's Watch and Play app made some enhancement to have it on demand content via a new authenticated service. The feature were previewed at an event last October 22-23 showcasing a unique digital experience at the Globe ICONIC store, Bonifacio High Street Amphitheater in BGC. Of course it is a child event and guess what the kids are with us and since it is Daddy Day Care we took care of the kids and let them enjoy the day.

Friday, October 21

Friday Toys: Lego Legends of Chima

Lego has been part of every kid in every generation and just by the four letter word kids easily recognizes the brand and the name of this toy that enhances the imagination of every child. Of course this Dad was once a child as well and became very much crazy about this toy. We may not have more of this but we're still blessed to have aunts who loves us very much.That's why I was able to at least enjoy my childhood with this toy.

Sunday, September 18

Sign The Petition, Save The Thresher Sharks and Prevent Extinction

Being one of the people who strive to protect the planet and make a difference even in small things compels me to do something even more than the usual routine that I have. Yes, I do teach my kids, family and friends to do something for mother earth even in simplest things that they can do like throwing small plastic wrappers on its rightful place, saving water, conserving electricity and even recycling some materials that are still useful to us. By these, at least we have made a small difference.

But this is not enough to make a bigger impact in helping save the environment. I have been out of the environmental organization for more than a decade already so my activities isn’t as much as it is, not as active as I was before.
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